How to Get Started

To get started with Psych4u, you’ll need either a referral from your primary care provider (PCP) or an evaluation conducted by one of our psychiatrists. Once you’ve had the initial evaluation to see where the issues lie and to determine how we can help, we check if we take the insurance you have or if you’re able to pay out of pocket for the services you require.

Evaluations & Follow-up Sessions

Evaluations are normally about an hour and 30 minutes long and follow-up sessions—which are with one of our licensed mental health counselors or our psychiatric-mental health nurse—are calculated by 15-minute units. Clients are able to choose how many units they want per session.


We take all major insurances including Medicaid and out-of-pocket clients, we also work tirelessly to be contracted with more insurance providers. Please contact our services for any questions regarding your insurance, by phone or by e-mail.


Accelerate the process and download the Intake form from our website...
Fill it from the comfort of your home, sign it, and bring it at your first visit, along with any requested document, such as insurance card, prescription, etc.

Fill, save, and email your application with your phone or tablet when using Adobe Reader.