Mental Health Issues Don't Discriminate

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Postpartum Depression

I felt like my husband was cheating on me

A case of Postpartum Depression


It seems I always pick the wrong guy

A case of Depression

Elderly Depression

No one would even notice if I was dead

A case of Elderly Depression

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

My obsessions are like a background noise in my head

A case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Domestic Violence / PTSD

After what he did to me, I can’t even bear the scent of his cologne

A case of Domestic Violence / PTSD

A Mental Health Condition Can Affect Anyone at Any Age

From helpless parents facing their child’s tantrums, to teenagers afflicted with bipolar disorder, going through over-stressed adults or seniors feeling disoriented by their recurrent memory loss, millions of people (43.8 million in the US) are struggling with one of the many mental illnesses. It’s 1 in 5 American. It’s maybe you, or a loved one.

The good news is, these disorders can all be treated.
The first step is to get evaluated by a qualified professional. Our psychiatrist and nurse practitioner will carry out this diagnosis, and possibly prescribe medication, while our psychologists and counselors, will provide the required therapies and education.

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